from 1981

We are a real estate promotion and construction company in Cambrils
construction company in Cambrils with 40 years of experience in this sector in the province of Tarragona.
province of Tarragona.
We are a family business that stands out for the realization of a very high quality work and in which we prioritize the customer above all else.
quality work and in which we prioritize the client above all, giving him a treatment as personalized as possible.
personalized as possible.
Our trajectory in the construction sector begins in the town of Cambrils in the 80s.
in the 80’s, after 10 years working for large real estate developers, we decided to self-promote
we decided to self-promote housing in this town and during the following 30 years we have
following 30 years we have carried out more than 20 promotions of buildings and houses in the
the province of Tarragona and especially in the area of the Costa Dorada.
Our offices are located in the port area of Cambrils, where you will find a group of professionals
a group of professionals, with the aim of providing a fast and efficient service, tailored to your needs.
efficient service, adjusted to your needs.


// Director

Pedro espejo

Our manager, Mr. Pedro Espejo, started in the construction sector at a very young age, doing small jobs for large
young, doing small jobs for big promoters, 10 years later he decided to
decided to carry out self-promotions, to control and improve all the processes that make up the
the realization of a housing development, thus raising the standards of quality.
quality standards. He stands out for his self-demand and perfectionism. Among his priorities
customer satisfaction and a job well done.

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